Koop Collective Arts was established as a boutique Post Production House in 2012 by two Digital Film Specialists & DI Colorists.


About a year later, in April 2013, due to the rapid conversion from analog to digital in the Cinema & Broadcasting Industry in Turkey, investing in high-end systems and transforming the establishment “Koop” into a Digital Film Lab was inevitable.


With a wide knowledge and experience in Post Production field -shortly after this transformation- we added Digital Cinema Mastering, Versioning, DCP Cloning and KDM distribution services along our main service line.


As of today, after almost 4 years from the establishment of Koop, we are proud to announce that we have managed the DCP Versioning and Mastering of hundreds of feature films, documentaries and trailers.


We continue to give technical assistance and consultancy to our film importer and distributor customers to reduce their costs at procurement stage. We also provide digital archiving and datalab solutions for those that have to deal with vast amount of digital assets.


We strictly believe that the “Collective Cooperation” is the key to gradually bring our standards to higher levels and to output mutual gains on both sides, as the service provider and the customer.


Keeping this in mind, we always collect as much information we can reach and try to solve every possible problem or difficulty we or our customers may encounter in the field.